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A map of Egypt’s regions and major destinations

Lower Egypt
containing the northern Nile delta, and the Mediterranean coast; Cairo, Alexandria
Middle Egypt
the area along the Nile where the historical Upper and Lower kingdoms met
Upper Egypt
a string of amazing temple towns located on the southern stretch of the Nile
Western Desert
location of the Western Oases: five pockets of green, each with their own unique attractions
Red Sea Coast
Luxury beach resorts, diving and marine life
Rugged and fascinating relics of the past, high mountains and great scuba diving

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  • Cairo – the capital of Egypt, home to the Giza Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum and fabulous Islamic architecture
  • Alexandria – Egypt’s window on the Mediterranean, with still-palpable glimpses of the past
  • Port Said – Egypt’s third largest city, has a cosmopolitan heritage, bordering the Mediterranean, home to the Lighthouse of Port Said
  • Aswan – a more relaxed option, full of amazing sights
  • Luxor – gateway to the Valley of the Kings, amongst other fabulous attractions
  • Hurghada – a town on the Red Sea, filled with all-inclusive resorts and diving

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Other destinations

  • Abu Simbel – a very remote town in the far south, with some beautiful ancient temples
  • Dahab – backpacker central, with excellent scuba diving
  • Karnak – scattered temples built with an emphasis on size, an impressive avenue of ram-headed sphinxes runs through the middle
  • Memphis & Saqqara – both filled with relics and ruins of ancient Egypt, they’re often combined as a day trip from Cairo
  • Nuweiba – small village with a number of camps, eco lodge and basic accommodation styled hotels
  • Sharm el-Sheikh – a hugely popular resort town on the Sinai peninsula, with some of the best scuba diving in the world
  • Siwa – a stunning remote oasis near the Libyan border
  • St. Katherine home to the oldest continually inhabited monastery, Mount Sinai and Mount Katherine (highest mountain in Egypt) and truly Bedouin culture
  • Taba Heights – purpose built resort with views of Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia
  • Valley of the Kings

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