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People generally divide the island into six regions:

  • The North (Saint Denis, Saint Marie, Saint Suzanne)
  • The Sunny West, the lagoon region
  • The Big City of Saint Pierre and the Wild South
  • The East, from Saint Rose to Saint Andre
  • The Three Circuses (Salazie, Mafate and Cilaos), the mountains and the wild heart of the island
  • The Plains (Le Tampon, The Plain of the Palmistes, and The Plain of the Kaffirs) which are agricultural zones in high altitudes.

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Map of Reunion
  • Saint-Denis, the capital city.
  • Le Port and La Possession, the two large industrial ports of the island.
  • Saint-Paul, which has beaches, nightclubs, hotels, and cemeteries.
  • Saint-Gilles, situated on the west coast, where all the white sand beaches are.
  • Saint-Leu, a well-established city of surf.
  • Saint-Pierre, a large city to the south, the second most important town on Reunion Island.
  • Etang-Salé, a small town on the west coast with one of the black (volcanic) sand beaches.
  • Saint-Benoit, where you can find the vanilla cooperative factory.

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