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Greenland Holiday Cruise Destination Guide

Greenland (Greenlandic: Kalaallit Nunaat; Danish: Grønland) is the world’s largest non-continental island, in the far northeast of North America, largely within the Arctic. Although it is still part of the Kingdom of Denmark, it was granted self-government effective in 1979, more recently it voted for more autonomy, in effect making it a separate country with formal ties to Denmark. Some inhabitants are now projecting the eventual road to full independence. Copenhagen remains responsible for its foreign affairs and, of course, is a source of investment.

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Greenlandic places generally have two names: the (traditional and now official) Greenlandic, or Kalaallisut, and the (once but no longer official) Danish. Greenlandic is abbreviated ‘kl;’ Danish is ‘da.’

Western Greenland

Southern Greenland

Eastern Greenland

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Other destinations

  • The Summit – the highest point on the ice cap, and a very inhospitable place, but nonetheless well visited by scientists drilling into the ice


Regions of Greenland
Southern Greenland
Nicknamed “Sineriak Bananeqarfik” (Banana Coast) by the locals, this is the most easily accessed part of Greenland and the one subject to the least extreme temperatures
Western Greenland
Location of the capital Nuuk (Godthåb).
Eastern Greenland
Sparsely populated, the gateway to the national park
Northern Greenland
Northern Greenland is the northernmost inhabited region, much of it occupied by the Northeast Greenland National Park

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