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It consists (mainly) of 9 islands:

With major emigration from the Azores in the early and mid 20th century, many people also refer to a 10th Island in the New England areas of New Bedford, Fall River, Provincetown, MA and Providence, R.I. But there are so many areas where Azoreans have settled from Canada to Hawaii, from California to Florida, and dotted across the world. It is not fair to name any one location as the tenth island. But the Azorean Diaspora is strong and proud of their history and ancestry. To solve the problem dispersing away from the islands has caused, the Global Village of Azores Nation [3] has sprung up to help unite the Diaspora in the true tenth island, online where thousands of people from and connected to the Azores gather to socialize and share stories from their lives, wherever they may live now.

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