Hong Kong Destination Guide and Cruise Finder

Hong Kong destination guide and cruise finder

Hong KongHeung Góng in Cantonese, meaning Fragrant Harbour) is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China.

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Hong Kong districts map.png
Hong Kong Island  (Central, East Coast, South Coast)
The site of the original British settlement and the main focus of most tourists. Most of Hong Kong’s highest skyscrapers and the financial centre can be found here. Overall, Hong Kong Island is more modern and wealthy and considerably less dirty than the other areas of Hong Kong. The Peak is the tallest point on the island, with the best views and highest real estate values in the world.
The peninsula to the north of Hong Kong Island, with great views of the island. It offers a chaotic mix of malls, street markets, and residential tenements. With over 2.1 million people living in an area of less than 47 square kilometres, Kowloon is one of the most densely populated places in the world. Kowloon includes Tsim Sha Tsui , the location of many budget hotels and Mong Kok , a shopping district. Kowloon city ), is worth the visit. Full of local restaurants, this area is famous for Thaï food, the amazing Wall City Park and the Kowloon Tsai park with an incredible swimming pool. This is one of the last area in town where you can find low rise buildings. In fact, 10 years ago, the airport was very close by and it was not allowed to build more than 5 floors buildings. Walking around is a taste of local life.
New Territories
Named by British officials when leased from the Chinese government in 1898, the New Territories contain a curious mix of small farms, villages, industrial installations, mountainous country parks and towns that have populations the size of some cities.
Lantau Island
A large island west of Hong Kong Island. You will not find many idyllic villages, but once you get over the stray dogs and the ramshackle buildings you will find beautiful mountains and beaches. The airport, Disneyland, and the Ngong Ping cable car are located here.
Outlying Islands
Well-known weekend destinations for the locals, the Outlying Islands are most of the islands surrounding Hong Kong Island. Highlights include Lamma , well known for its seafood and Cheung Chau , a small island that used to be a pirates’ den, but now attracts seafood aficionados, windsurfers and sunbathing day trippers.

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