Portugal Destination Guide and Cruise Finder

Portugal destination guide and cruise finder

Portugal shares the Iberian peninsula at the south-western tip of Europe with Spain. Geographically and culturally somewhat isolated from its neighbour, Portugal has a rich, unique culture, lively cities and beautiful countryside.


Regions of Portugal

Northern Portugal
A historic region that is considered the birthplace of the nation. Includes the second largest city, Porto.
North Central Portugal
South Central Portugal
The capital, Lisbon, Estremadura and the Upper Alentejo.
Southern Portugal
The beaches and sun of the Algarve and the laid-back pace of the Lower Alentejo.


  • Lisbon – national capital, city of the seven hills
  • Aveiro – the “Venice” of Portugal
  • Braga – city of Archbishops
  • Coimbra – home of the ninth oldest university in the world.
  • Évora – “Museum City”, Alentejo regional capital
  • Funchal – the capital of Madeira
  • Guimarães – the founding place of the nation
  • Porto – “Unvanquished City”, along the river Douro and the Atlantic Ocean
  • Viana do Castelo – Famous for the Nossa Senhora da Agonia Festival.
  • Albufeira – Main tourist destination in the Algarve
  • Faro – The administrative centre of the Algarve
  • Fátima – Pilgrimage destination

Other destinations

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