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Sweden (Sverige) is the largest of the Nordic countries, with a population of about 10 million. It borders Norway and Finland and is connected to Denmark via the bridge of Öresund (Öresundsbron). The Baltic Sea lies to the east of Sweden, as well as the Gulf of Bothnia, which separates Sweden from most of Finland. The northernmost part of Sweden belongs to the Arctic.


Regions of Sweden

the sparsely populated, northern part of the country (It spans more than half of the country’s total area), with nine provinces. Lots of wilderness, with forests, lakes, big rivers, enormous marshes and high mountains along the border to Norway. Great for hiking and winter sports. Largest cities are Gävle, Sundsvall, Umeå and Luleå.
the central part of the country, includes Stockholm, Uppsala and the provinces of Dalarna, Närke, Värmland, Södermanland, Uppland and Västmanland.
the ten southern provinces, including the island-provinces Öland and Gotland. The largest cities in Götaland are Gothenburg in Västergötland and Malmö in Skåne. Also containing Dalsland, Halland, Småland and Blekinge.


Major cities
  • Stockholm – The capital and largest city, famous for its beauty and the amazing archipelago. In addition, Stockholm offers a unique nightlife scene and it is home to some of Northern Europe’s best restaurants.
  • Gothenburg (Göteborg in Swedish) – A port and industrial city on the west coast, second in size.
  • Malmö – Connected to the Danish capital of Copenhagen by the Öresund Bridge.
  • Västerås – The centre of Swedish industrialisation. Only an hour away from Stockholm.
  • Växjö – In the heart of Småland, this beautiful city defended Sweden against the Danes back in the day.
  • Linköping – A university city and the 7th most populous in Sweden.
  • Jönköping – A picturesque town surrounded by lakes in Småland, also the 10th most populous in Sweden.
  • Kiruna – A mining town in Lappland, and the northernmost city in Sweden.
  • Luleå – A industrial city in northern Norrland, with a technical university.
  • Umeå – A university city in Norrland.
  • Uppsala – A lively pretty old university city. Fourth largest city in Sweden.
  • Örebro – An old shoe manufacturing centre, about halfway between Stockholm and Oslo.

Other destinations

  • Gotland – The largest island of Sweden as well as the Baltic Sea. Its capital Visby is on UNESCO’s World’s heritage list. A common vacation spot for mainland Swedes.
  • Öland – Sweden’s second largest island, connected to the mainland by a bridge.
  • Kullaberg – A nature reserve
  • Kungsleden – A marked well-known hiking trail that runs through Norrland.
  • Riksgränsen – A ski resort at the very north, with snow well into June.
  • Sigtuna – Sweden’s oldest city, near Stockholm-Arlanda airport.
  • Åre – One of Sweden’s largest ski resorts, with 44 lifts.
  • Lund – A university city in Scania.
  • Österlen – A picturescue southeastern district of Scania.

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