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There are some cultural and social differences between regions, for example, traditional dress is different from region to region. The Latgale region has its own unique culture and language – Latgalian.

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Stony beach in Vidzeme

Statue of Rolands, Riga Old Town
  • Riga – the capital city with more than 800 years of history, with the popular holiday suburb of Jurmala right by
  • Daugavpils – second biggest city in Latvia. Features many factories and other industries.
  • Jurmala
  • Kuldiga – Kuldiga is the pearl of Kurzeme, Latvia’s western region.
  • Liepaja – city of music on the Baltic sea coast, which is always windy. Latvians believe that the wind starts in the city; and well-known Latvian musicians come from there. There is a very interesting former secret military town called Karosta, between a lake and the sea. One of the world’s largest pipe organs. Famous summer event Baltic Beach Party in July. Fantastic unspoilt, white, soft sandy beach.
  • Madona – a small scenic town in eastern Vidzeme, surrounded by hills, forests and lakes, capital of winter sports.
  • Sigulda – popular town with many interesting castles and historic places. Most popular attraction outside Riga for foreign tourists.
  • Valka
  • Ventspils – hosts one of busiest ports in Europe. It is possible to observe incoming ships.

Other destinations

  • Latvijas Etnografiskais Brivdabas Muzejs — open air museum of the traditional culture of Latvian tribes, near Riga
  • Livu Akvaparks — the biggest water attraction in Northern Europe
  • Karostas cietums — true Soviet prison experience with live prison show as well as night in prison. Based in the Karosta suburb of Liepaja
  • Open Air Art Museum — modern art and installations in nature park, near Sabile in Kurzeme region
  • Around Latvia tours (Local tour operator in Latvia. Tours all around Latvia from Riga), Terbatas 85, Riga, LV-1001, ?+371 28808598 (, fax: +371 67286681), [1]. 9:00 – 19:00.  edit
  • Latvian Tour Guides (One day tours to Jurmala, Sigulda, Rundale palace, Ligatne, Valmiermuiza and Liepaja), ?+371 29787307 (),

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